Welcome to our online donation page. Below is an abbreviated list of some of the 80+ funds held at CFGC. You can also donate to any fund within the Foundation by using the search bar below. For a list of all our funds that accept donations, please select "show all funds list". If you have any problems locating a fund, or any general questions about making a donation online, please contact us at 724-627-2010, or by email at cfgcpa@gmail.com.

Donate To Fund

Fund Name
Aaron Anthony Haywood Memorial Scholarship
Army Specialist Gregory A. Cox Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bernie and Nelson Fox Fund
Cindy's Wind Fund for Women & Girls
Daniel and Lizzie Tharp Fund
Darlene Phillips Memorial Scholarship
Dolores H. McCracken Fund for Fairall United Methodist Church
Dolores H. McCracken Fund for the Humane Society of Greene County
Early Intervention Enrichment Fund
Enstrom Family Scholarship Fund
Forget-Me-Not Fund
Friends of Education Fund
Fund for Arts and Culture
Fund for Children, Youth and Families
Fund for Community and Economic Development
Fund for Health and Human Services
Fund for the Humane Society
Futures Fund
Gensler Church Fund
Gensler Food Bank Fund
Good for Greene Fund
Greene County 4-H Fund
Greene County Log Courthouse Fund
Gregory and Mary Lou Niverth Scholarship
Harper Fund
Harvest Fund
HVM Arts Scholarship
Inghram Church Fund
Jesse Benson Finnegan Scholarship
June Kim Fund for Flenniken
Katherine M. and D. Dale Hamilton, Jr. Fund
Kathleen A. Hamilton Davis and William R. Davis Memorial Fund
Lance Corporal Stephen Phillips Memorial Fund
L and M Medical Needs Fund
Leah Abbe Zwerver Memorial Fund
Linda Kostak Memorial Scholarship
Margaret E. Rock Discretionary Fund
McCracken Memorial Community Center Fund
Michael A. Milinovich Memorial Fund
Michelle Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Mission for Miracles Fund
Nancy I. Davis Fund
Operating Fund
Peters Family Memorial Fund
Renardo A. Matteucci Family Scholarship
Reverend Carol E. Visser Fund
Rocky Doman Memorial Scholarship
Rotary Club of Waynesburg Charitable Fund
Russell A. Guthrie Memorial Scholarship
Stealth Scholarship
Thelma J. Szarell Scholarship
Victor and Anna Mae Wancheck Beghini Scholarship
Walter Samek, III Memorial Scholarship
Weekend Food Program Fund
William and Shirley Hanley Memorial Scholarship